GLADIATOR (SAPHIRE BLUE) - Gradient, Washed, Regular Cut, 100% Cotton 250GSM (7.4OZ / SQ YD)

GLADIATOR (SAPHIRE BLUE) - Gradient, Washed, Regular Cut, 100% Cotton 250GSM (7.4OZ / SQ YD)

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Behold the Arena – The GLADIATOR T-Shirt by MIYDIY. Where Valor Meets Versatility, and Only the Strongest Fibers Survive.

Hark! Warriors of style and connoisseurs of the sturdy cloth, gather round! The GLADIATOR T-shirt has descended into the realm of the living, armored to stand the tests of time and trial. Don this garb and enter the battle of daily life not just to participate, but to conquer.

Herald the Triumphs of the GLADIATOR:

  • Regular Fit: True to form, the GLADIATOR offers a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose; a perfect balance for battle-ready movement or a regal stance.

  • 100% Noble Cotton: Spun from the finest crops, our 250 GSM cotton is a testament to the strength and resilience needed in the grand arena of life. It breathes with you, moves with you, and never yields.

  • Born for the Print: The GLADIATOR’s fabric is a canvas awaiting your banner. Unleash creativity with vibrant designs that declare your allegiance and valor.

  • Color that Commands: Like the banners of old, the colors on the GLADIATOR are bold and enduring. Wash after wash, your colors won’t fade but will continue to fly high.

  • Indomitable Prints: Adorn your tunic with prints that withstand the sands of time. Fear not the laundering gauntlet; your prints will face it unscathed.

  • Unisex Dominion: Suitable for all who dare to declare their might. The GLADIATOR knows no bounds and discriminates against none.

  • Battle-Tested GSM Weight: At a formidable 250 GSM, this t-shirt bears the weight of a champion. Thick enough to endure, yet designed for supreme comfort and mobility.

  • Champion of Sustainability: Crafted in the spirit of the noble warriors, our practices are just and sustainable. Honor and respect for the earth are our creed.


For those who walk life’s path with courage, the GLADIATOR is your standard. It’s more than mere apparel—it’s a declaration of your enduring spirit and unbreakable resolve. Whether you face the quiet battles of daily toil or the clamor of grand conquests, the GLADIATOR is your trusted companion.

Forge Your Fleet, Armor Your Brand

Incorporate the GLADIATOR T-shirt into your offerings and arm your business with a product that embodies strength and durability. Perfect for bold designs and vibrant colors, this t-shirt promises longevity and appeal in any collection. Join forces with MIYDIY to bring the spirit of the GLADIATOR to your customers, let the colors of the brave ones be seen, enhancing your brand's presence and resilience in the competitive fashion arena.