OG (MATCHA GREEN) - Oversized Cut, 100% Cotton 240GSM (7.1OZ / SQ YD)

OG (MATCHA GREEN) - Oversized Cut, 100% Cotton 240GSM (7.1OZ / SQ YD)

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OG - Where Style Meets Streets, and Quality Is King

Yo, listen up! We’re dropping the OG T-shirt and it’s here to change the game. Built for the real ones who know what’s up, this ain't just any tee - it’s a badge of honor. Rock it, rep it, and show the world you’re an Original Go-getter through and through.

Here’s the lowdown on the OG:

  • Oversized Fit: Roomy, relaxed, and ready to roll. The OG’s got you covered with a fit that lets you move and groove all day, every day.

  • 100% Top Shelf Cotton: Only the best for the fam. Our 240 GSM cotton is soft, and breathable, and gets even better every time you rock it.

  • Print Ready: Got designs? The OG is your canvas. This tee’s made for printing, so slap your sickest graphics on it and watch the colors pop like crazy.

  • Color That Stays True: Rock your look without fade worries. The colors on the OG don’t just shine, they last. Even after mad washes, your style stays fresh.

  • Tough Prints: Our prints stick through thick and thin, wash after wash. No peeling, no fading—just straight-up style that holds its own.

  • Unisex Style: Fellas, ladies, everyone in between – the OG doesn’t discriminate. It’s all about bringing that bold flavor to any wardrobe.

  • Eco-Friendly Game: We keep it 100 with sustainability. Ethical production and fair trade are how we roll, 'cause respecting the planet is Go-getter.

Why OG?

'Cause it’s the real deal, the head honcho, the top dog. Whether you’re hitting the streets or just chilling, the OG T-shirt lets everyone know you lead, never follow. Its durable, versatile, and makes a statement without saying a word.

Stock Up, Set Trends

Elevate your collection with the OG T-shirt and offer your customers more than just apparel - provide them a symbol of authenticity and style, and armors for those who dare to be original, let them paint the town in their colors. Ideal for customization, the OG allows your designs to shine and endure, ensuring that your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. Partner with MIYDIY today to harness the power of originality in your product line.